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Posted by Maren Hogan on Tue, Aug, 13, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

small  4941547991We've talked a lot on this blog about choosing the right software for your company's needs. The software should be able to grow, be cost effective and actually work. One of the main considerations however should be support. Technical support, upgrades and updated knowledge libraries are all so very important in order to have effective and relevant software. Even the best software in the world is useless if no one knows how to use or update it. Great support looks a little like this…


Does your tech support call you? Leading software companies (like us) have realized the importance of offering relevant and timely tech support. Industry leaders in the software business have taken notice of customer feedback, and started to make their support proactive. Visibility has become known for it's proactive tech support by offering features like "touch base calls". These calls are designed to faciliate the proper use of the software through ongoing training and support. Instead of waiting for the call from the frantic client trying desperately to get something done in a timely manner, proactive support answers the questions and fixes the problems ahead of time.


As clients use the software, they find their own ways of doing things. These aren't necessary the ways in which the software was designed to be used, therefore it is not being used optimally. Vendors who offer great support want clients to use the software to the best of its potential. Happy clients are retained clients, and this happens through the optimization of the software. "Wow, I didn't know it could do that!" is phrase that a good tech support representative should hear often.


Have you ever had a question about your software, picked up the phone, and waded through a 5 minute-long automated system, only to end up with a sales person charging you for the call and the support? This is an all too common frustration with software support. When choosing your software, be sure to ask questions about support and it's associated costs. Will each call cost me? How much? What if the matter isn't resolved? Ongoing support should be a part of the package.

On the Line

Zendesk has a nifty infographic on the importance of call centers in customer care. An overwhelming majority of customers prefer to contact customer service by phone, 79% in fact. Having software support that actually answers the phone is vital to productivity and sanity. Although most companies can't answer the phone 24/7, there should be some type of support available around the clock.  

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Time-To-Fill is Going Down the Tubes

Posted by Maren Hogan on Wed, Aug, 07, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

small__91147636The world of job searching is getting tougher for candidates. It is taking employers longer and longer to pull the trigger on new hires. Even great candidates with all the right skills and values are left wondering and waiting by the phone. According to research done by economists Steven J. Davis, Jason Faberman and John Haltiwanger, vacancies are staying open far longer than they used to. In 2009, the average time-to-fill was 15 business days, compared to today’s 23 days. Time to fill is such an important metric in HR and recruiting, so why is this process taking even longer?

They’re Shaking in Their Boots Over Bad Hires

As we steadily pull through the tail end of this recession, a lot of employers are working in fear of bad hires more than they were before the hard times hit. As the recession took hold, companies were conducting mass layoffs and tightening belts whereever cuts could be made. This mentality is holding on strong. The cost of high turnover can end up crippling companies. For small businesses (less than 65 employees) the cost of each turnover is about $8,000. Recruiters and hiring managers are so reluctant to hire quickly because they’re worried about hiring poorly.

Skills vs Openings

It is also theorized that this lengthier hiring process can be attributed to a disconnect of skills between the 4 million job openings vs the 12 million unemployed. Especially in fields that require higher skills there seems to be a gap between demand and skilled candidates. Taking a look at what industries are growing vs the skills of the emerging workforce presents us with one of the attributes of this slowing process. There seem to be too many of the wrong candidates.

What is it Costing HR to Keep them on the Hook?

Advertising the position, background checks, screening and interviewing all take time and money. The internal recruiting time per hire is usually anywhere from 30-100 hours. Multiply that by the hourly rate and that ends up being quite a bit of money. When candidates are now expected to go through multiple rounds of interviews and seemingly pointless tests, this process is taking far longer than it should. With pressure from higher ups to hold off on the hire until the perfect candidate is found, recruiters and hiring managers don’t have much of a choice.

What is This Doing to the Candidate Experience?

With this lengthier hiring process and reluctances to actually hire, candidates are loosing time, money and patience. In this NY Times piece we follow Paul Sullivan, a video editor looking for a new job. During his sixth interview he is actually approached by a security guard who had seen him there so many times that he thought he was an employee who kept forgetting his security badge. Sullivan said, “He couldn’t believe I was actually there for another interview. I couldn’t either! But then I put on a happy face, went upstairs and waited for another round of questions.”

Maren Hogan, HR pro weighs-in on the trials of the hiring process: “Let's just say, burnout is common. But candidate experience is (and always will be) a huge part of the recruiting and retention process. And one of the ways that you can make your candidates' experience really amazing, is to NOT WASTE THEIR TIME!”

Open communication about positions and actual needs with the hiring manager can save everyone a world of wasted time and resources. These lengthier hiring processes aren’t really helping anyone. Candidates and hiring managers alike are becoming more frustrated with this reluctance to pull the trigger.


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The Convenience of Mobile Learning

Posted by Maren Hogan on Thu, Jul, 11, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

mobile_learningE-learning caught on so rapidly that the obvious next step is mobile learning. Mobile is spreading like wildfire, in fact, we will soon live in a world where there will be more mobile devices than there are humans on Earth. The ease of use, flexibility and convenience of mobile make it an obvious tool to take advantage of to facilitate training and learning. Many companies are now adding the mobile options to their company site as well as their training programs. Here are a few stats that magnify the importance of mobile adaptability from Learning Solutions Magazine.

  • In 2011, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold.

  • By 2016, there will be 375 million tablets purchased globally—a 46% compound annual growth rate.

  • The tablet adoption curve will ramp faster than any other mobile device in history, including smartphones.

  • Global Internet users will double over the next few years, and most will be mobile.

Yup, Bring Your Own Device actually has its own acronym. As an employer this will automatically bring up red flags about security breaches and abuses, but the advantages to the employees are huge. It's safe to say that mobile lovers will fight for their device freedom for the foreseeable future. Creating policies about personal devices seems to be the way to go since 77% of companies are now allowing employees to bring their own device into the workplace. Companies like Cisco, who embrace mobile to its fullest, have their own mobile security systems in place so that employees can experience safe device freedom anywhere, anytime.

Once the proper security measures are in place, the workforce can experience flexible work options, a work day with hours more convenient to them, the ability to work from several devices, and the convenience of using the same apps and services on those different devices. All of these benefits translate to orientation, trainging and recertifications. 
Employees have a strong grip on their devices, and they're not letting go anytime soon, why not use this to the organization's advantage by offering more mobile options

Ease of Use 
From 2007 to 2011, the percentage of companies using mobile learning rose 12%. Organizations are taking to mobile quickly. Some organiztions are worried about the ease of use of elearning and mlearning. What good does a training system do if you have to train employees how to use it? If the mobile boom has shown us anything, it's that mobile is the people's prefered method of communication, learning and sharing. They want to consume information at work the same way that they're doing it at home.

Mobile learners also have the advantage of reaching their materials anywhere, at anytime. Training really shouldn't end, that's how you end up with stagnant, disengaged workers. A costly weekend conference can often end in a whirl-wind hangover. Traditional methods of training and continued learning are in a “wham-bam” style. Either you got it or you didn't. When employees have constant access to learning materials, they are given a convenient tool for self-help.

The benefits of mlearning are undeniable. Convenience, ease of use and the flexibility that comes with mobile learning make it a valuable tool that far too many organizations aren't utilizing. Today's workforce uses mobile, they live mobile, they want mobile. Implementing mobile in your training can lead to retention, engagement and continued learning. Offering tools that employees will actually use is just smart business.

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Does Your Career Site Get the Job Done?

Posted by Mary Sue McClintock on Mon, Jun, 11, 2012 @ 13:06 PM

Winning resized 600The most important thing when hiring an applicant is to make sure that you get the most qualified candidate that plans on sticking around.  But before you can get there, you need to take a step back and figure out how to find them first. Now that we're in the digital age, it seems like that should be easier than ever. But there are a lot of applicants out there, and it's hard to tell if they're all really qualified.

Why not create a memorable experience with your career page, one the candidate won’t forget.  One that will make them want to apply and revisit over and over.  Get your applicants excited with something innovative but more importantly something that is easy to navigate and takes the monotony out of completing an application.  Ask compelling questions, relevant questions to the position and even out of the box questions.  Wondering how you can customize your career site and your applications? That's where Cyber Recruiter comes in.  Visibility Software creates your entire career page and allows you to create as many applications as you and your organization need.  Therefore you can truly customize the questions you ask, create a customized experience and not bog down applicants with an application that is not relevant to a position.  More importantly, as a recruiter, you won’t have to slog through profiles of people who may or may not be qualified. Cyber Recruiter streamlines the process of finding the perfect applicant. Get the best applicant experience while getting the best applicant for the job.  It’s a win win!

So ask yourself these questions: Does your career site get the job done? Does it have an applicant friendly career page, custom applications, and the best applicant experience? Does your career site allow you to ask your potential employees the questions you need to know? Does your career sight bog down your hiring process?  Start thinking about Cyber Recruiter as your answer today!  Pick a winning solution that gets the job done!

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