Time-To-Fill is Going Down the Tubes

Posted by Maren Hogan on Wed, Aug, 07, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

small__91147636The world of job searching is getting tougher for candidates. It is taking employers longer and longer to pull the trigger on new hires. Even great candidates with all the right skills and values are left wondering and waiting by the phone. According to research done by economists Steven J. Davis, Jason Faberman and John Haltiwanger, vacancies are staying open far longer than they used to. In 2009, the average time-to-fill was 15 business days, compared to today’s 23 days. Time to fill is such an important metric in HR and recruiting, so why is this process taking even longer?

They’re Shaking in Their Boots Over Bad Hires

As we steadily pull through the tail end of this recession, a lot of employers are working in fear of bad hires more than they were before the hard times hit. As the recession took hold, companies were conducting mass layoffs and tightening belts whereever cuts could be made. This mentality is holding on strong. The cost of high turnover can end up crippling companies. For small businesses (less than 65 employees) the cost of each turnover is about $8,000. Recruiters and hiring managers are so reluctant to hire quickly because they’re worried about hiring poorly.

Skills vs Openings

It is also theorized that this lengthier hiring process can be attributed to a disconnect of skills between the 4 million job openings vs the 12 million unemployed. Especially in fields that require higher skills there seems to be a gap between demand and skilled candidates. Taking a look at what industries are growing vs the skills of the emerging workforce presents us with one of the attributes of this slowing process. There seem to be too many of the wrong candidates.

What is it Costing HR to Keep them on the Hook?

Advertising the position, background checks, screening and interviewing all take time and money. The internal recruiting time per hire is usually anywhere from 30-100 hours. Multiply that by the hourly rate and that ends up being quite a bit of money. When candidates are now expected to go through multiple rounds of interviews and seemingly pointless tests, this process is taking far longer than it should. With pressure from higher ups to hold off on the hire until the perfect candidate is found, recruiters and hiring managers don’t have much of a choice.

What is This Doing to the Candidate Experience?

With this lengthier hiring process and reluctances to actually hire, candidates are loosing time, money and patience. In this NY Times piece we follow Paul Sullivan, a video editor looking for a new job. During his sixth interview he is actually approached by a security guard who had seen him there so many times that he thought he was an employee who kept forgetting his security badge. Sullivan said, “He couldn’t believe I was actually there for another interview. I couldn’t either! But then I put on a happy face, went upstairs and waited for another round of questions.”

Maren Hogan, HR pro weighs-in on the trials of the hiring process: “Let's just say, burnout is common. But candidate experience is (and always will be) a huge part of the recruiting and retention process. And one of the ways that you can make your candidates' experience really amazing, is to NOT WASTE THEIR TIME!”

Open communication about positions and actual needs with the hiring manager can save everyone a world of wasted time and resources. These lengthier hiring processes aren’t really helping anyone. Candidates and hiring managers alike are becoming more frustrated with this reluctance to pull the trigger.


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The Importance of Onboarding

Posted by Maren Hogan on Thu, Jul, 18, 2013 @ 22:07 PM

small 3434414425You've spent precious time recruiting and signing this new hire, and it's the all-important first day. Have you already dropped the ball? If you haven't organized and planned the onboarding process, then yes you have. Onboarding isn't simply orientation, it's more personal than that. Orientation is about the job, onboarding has more of a social aspect to it with a focus on the future and retention.

Have you even seen the random newb standing around the water cooler waiting for some sort of direction or interaction? Too often, new hires will spend the majority of their first week on the job wondering if anyone was made aware that they would be coming. It's hard to watch and even harder to experience. There's no better way to make someone feel awkward and unwanted than to skip the onboarding process.

An effective onboarding program can help you achieve company success, employee retention, increased ROI on hiring, and ensuring that your new employees are ready and excited to join the team. Consider jointly what your new employee needs from you, and what you need from your new employee.

Your candidates form an opinion about your company early on in the recruiting process. In fact, first impressions matter more than you probably think. According to a post on strategic employee onboarding, “New employees are most likely to leave a company within the first 18 months of their tenure, and 90% of new hires decide in their first 6 months on the job whether or not they're going to stay with the company.”

Onboarding shouldn't be seen as just another trend in HR, this is a vital part of the whole hiring process. Retaining employees does wonders for your bottom line, and an effective onboarding program is where the effort to retain begins.

Employee engagement should be another of the main objectives of your onboarding process. When a new employee is facilitated in building their network and becoming acclimated with their new surroundings, you are cultivating your company culture. This can be as simple as introducing the new employee to their co-workers. Perhaps there is someone that comes to mind who would do well as a welcome wagon type of person. The quicker you get this new employee feeling comfortable, the quicker you have a productive member of the team.

Engaging and creating a sense of value for the new employee helps everyone involved, from the new employee themselves, to the entire team. A cohesive work environment doesn't happen by accident, it needs some love to get where it needs to be. Lowering processing costs by ensuring compliance is yet another piece to the onboarding puzzle. When you have an actual planned process for onboarding, you are ensuring that each new hire gets the same treatment, receives the same information and this cuts down on annoying and costly redundancies. A streamlined process also ensures certain steps are taken in a timely manner. When you have an agreed upon process, you know what information should be shared and at what stage.

Following up with your new hire on a weekly, into a monthly basis is good practice to ensure that the process is going smoothly. The first week is vital, but following the progress of their acclimation shows them that they are working for a company that cares about their experience. It also helps you to figure out the strengths and flaws of your onboarding process.

Onboarding is worth the time you put into it. Taking the extra effort to acclimate your new hires can improve cohesiveness, get employees productive faster, cut down on costly turn over rates and overall make you look better at your job.

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Where Are Job Seekers Looking?

Posted by Maren Hogan on Tue, Jul, 09, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

small  3683757706

As of May 13, 2013 there are one million trillion job boards. Alright, so maybe there aren't that many, more like an approximate 40,000, but it can seem like it. With niche boards, location specific boards, the big company boards, craigslist, and company websites, there are so many internet nooks and crannies for job seekers to hide. And there are new ones popping up everyday. So how do you know where to invest your time and money as a recruiter? Let other people collect the data and read the post that they write on it, that's how! The objective here is to find out where they're looking, so naturally, these sites are in descending order of unique monthly visitors.

Monster.com (28,000,000)

Monster has that household name going for them because they were one of the first on the scene (and because they spend hundreds of millions on advertising). Monster boasts their 6Sense semantic search technology. They have taken making search easier, faster and better to the next level. Most job seekers don't know how to implement an accurate advanced search, but Monster is here to help.

CareerBuilder.com (26,400,000)

CareerBuilder reels them in with the added bonus of conneecting job seekers to many classified sections of various newspapers. They not only have the same jobs available as the other major job boards, but they are what is called a newspaper partner site. They are their own division of a large publishing conglomerate. And it turns out that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies post ads on CareerBuilder.

Indeed.com (17,000,000)

Indeed has recently blown up on the job site scene. They have officially reached over 100 million unique visitors per month without the use of any marketing. While they still aren't a household name like Monster, their product is quickly proving itself to be an industry leader. Indeed has become such a popular job search tool because of their dynamic method of monitoring job listings on a continuous basis. One search will pull up the latest jobs from every site, totaling over 1,500 in all.

SimplyHired.com (9,000,000)

These guys get the importance of social media in the job search. When candidates click on the “Who Do I Know” button, they are able to view their LinkedIn connections with that specific company without leaving the SimplyHired site. They have also recently started catering to college grads with a new grad search guide.

GlassDoor.com (6,900,000)

The name kind of explains why so many job seekers are headed to GlassDoor. You get a free inside look at jobs and companies. GlassDoor is unique in that they offer a new way to find jobs and leave feedback on past and current employers, anonymously. You can find insider reviews, disclosed salaries and basically the dirt on just about any company. Quite frankly it's genius.

AOL find a job (4,400,00)

One of the better looking job sites. AOLjobs, aside from being a job search site, their secondary goal is to provide job seekers with relevant information. With an extensive blog, tips, tools and advice, AOLjobs offers a little more than your average job search site.

Well there you have it, the 6 most visited job search sites on the web. Knowing where to find the talent is vital in recruiting. There are so many options right now, that starting any recruiting trail can get messy, quick. Keeping tabs on the most popular places can assist you in keeping things a little simpler. 

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Sage Summit 2012 Recap

Posted by Mary Sue McClintock on Tue, Oct, 02, 2012 @ 12:10 PM

With Sage Summit 2012 behind us, we can all stop and reflect on the week we had away from the office.  We have all officially returned, recovered and reenergized ourselves after the big show.  You know what I am talking about if you have ever planed, participated or attended a tradeshow.  The set up is exhausting but the reward/payout during and after the show is amazing.  We are all looking back at the new relationships we made and existing relationships we solidified.  It is such a thrill to meet face to face with customers and partners and have some valuable strategic conversations.  We are still reflecting on the success of the event and are so honored to be a part of such a well orchestrated week of activities.  We had an opportunity to connect and share with so many customers and partners and left tired but excited about all the new adventures we have with the Sage team, our partners and our customers.

So many exciting things happened for Visibility Software while we were at Summit this year.  We received an award and were honored at one of the sessions during the show.  Visibility Software was named a Sage Endorsed/OEM Partner of the Year for 2012!  This award solidifies our relationship with Sage and shows their commitment and appreciation for all our continued hard work on our products and services.  We are so excited about the success we have had which continues to prove our recruiting solution repeatedly delivers an optimal solution that perfectly aligns with customers and market needs. 

We want to be sure to thank all of our partners and customers that came by our booth and to Sage for hosting such a successful event!  We hope everyone had an opportunity to learn more about Cyber Recruiter (applicant tracking software) and Cyber Train (training management software).  Our goal is to continue to deliver high quality products and services.  If you didn't come by our booth, don't hesitate to contact us to hear all about it.  We are happy to share our memories from the week!  See you at the next show!

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Do You Have the Best HR Software?

Posted by Mary Sue McClintock on Mon, Jul, 30, 2012 @ 14:07 PM

Human resources is an intricate part of any business, no matter whatdescribe the image services you provide or what kind of content you offer. Having the ability to not only monitor but directly communicate with all of the workers, applicants and previous employees is essential in creating a welcoming, fully functioning company. Of course, to make life a whole lot easier, there is HR software, used in most spectrums of the work day. Chances are you already have some sort of program installed on the business network, but you probably have other facets of HR that still must be done by hand, such as rummaging through applicant records, checking through backlogged databanks, and other such tasks that, although easy to perform, are tiresome and time consuming. This is why utilizing an applicant tracking software and training management program that not only works with the business, but is fully interpretable with the rest of the HR software is such a valuable addition to your HR software. So, before you check to see if you have the very Best HR Software, you need to see if you have options for add on features like Applicant Tracking and Training Management. 

HR has many different aspects you need to monitor, and although there are some programs that function for a specific task, most programs do not oversee everything your department must handle.  Sometimes this requires you to have multiple software titles installed on the computer or network. However, many of these titles do not work hand-in-hand, causing problems during the interaction process.  Be sure to find add on software that offers free integration and allows you to quickly and easily move from one program to another and transfer information when need.

Full and complete integration is necessary whenever several programs must be used inside the work space. This saves time, allowing you and the team to be more productive. Imagine navigating through thousands of resumes and trying to find the best applicants.  Chances are, you want to do a quick search against available jobs to locate the perfect match. Then should the company hire the particular applicant, it is possible to then move the information seamlessly to your HR software minimizing the amount of data your HR team needs to duplicate.  Envision your team saving significant time not rekeying information into your HR database.  Let the software do it for you in addition to enhancing the overall recruiting process.  While you’re on the improvement path, take it a step further and secure Training Management software as well.  Continue sharing information between your HR software and start tracking your employees training requirements and monitor individual’s progress.  It is the complete package. 

With everything completely integrated into one system, your HR future is looking bright!  A true sign of having the Best HR Software installed is having a full package of all the best pieces.  Don't settle on good HR software and average Applicant Tracking or Training Management software.  If you can get the best software that interfaces easily and for free start looking today! Starting now will save you time while doing your daily tasks and while updating the HR information. The Best HR Software is available and you get to create the perfect package.

Check out Cyber Recruiter and Cyber Train at www.visibilitysoftware.com.  Free integration with your HR software and a top rated solution.   

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