How to Successfully Integrate New Tech at Work

Posted by Kimber Crumlish on Tue, Jan, 07, 2014 @ 11:01 AM

Screen Shot 2014 01 06 at 11.04.24 AMWhether you love change or loathe it, it is safe to say that most people don’t like learning how to use new tools or implement new processes. Visibility Software has brought new technology into many an organization. As leaders in applicant tracking systems and learning management systems, we have seen first hand, that the proper implementation of new tech and software is a very important step.

As HR technologies continue in an industry boom, HR departments are switching out their software in droves. Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte said,

“We have found that the average HR system is 6.5 to seven years old. Most companies have four or five systems, so there is a huge replacement cycle, mostly replacing IT systems with cloud.”

Whether your company is upgrading now, or later –it’s coming. Here are some ways to ensure the proper integration of new technology for recruiters and HR professionals.

Be sure it is what they want and need. Let’s start at the very beginning. When choosing new systems, be sure that you have those who will actually be using them in mind. Find out exactly who will be using these new tools and what they need out of them. For more insightful tips on choosing new software, please check out our resources page. We offer information on how to choose the right tools for the companies’ needs. Whether or not the new software will actually get used is a pretty important part of your investment.

Make it one person’s job to really delve into the new system. Technical support is great (or at least it should be, with the right supplier), but it is extremely helpful to have a team leader in the new tech implementation initiative. Give this leader time, room and training to explore the new software and become comfortable using every facet of it. It is extremely helpful to a team when they have a go-to person right there.

Communicate the projected end goal of this implementation. The team using this new system should be properly informed about the system’s capabilities and what they are expected to use this tool for. Be clear that with the implementation of this new technology that there will now be one way of doing those tasks that the tool is intended to be used for. This isn’t a benefit that workers can opt out of using; this is the new way of doing things.

Be patient and take advantage of support. Realize right off the bat that there will be some pushback, especially from those less tech-savvy of the team. This is completely normal. Be patient with those whom the use of new systems doesn’t come easily. They’ll catch on. It should be easy to contact support whenever they need it. Any good software will come with round the clock support in the form of help lines, knowledge libraries and training programs. Use them!

HR technology has become such a strong industry because it provides tools that actually drive the success of businesses through things like training management, addressing talent needs and creating more efficient and convenient processes. Tools that can do that are what companies need, but the implementation can be tough. Implement technology with thought and leadership for a far better outcome in your organization. 

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